Church Services For June 2021 Back To One Service at 10:00 am!

Hello Church Family,

Here is a list of the way we will do things until further notice here at FCFC. This is being done for the congregation’s protection. I care deeply about everyone and our families. I would ask kindness and meekness, be shown at all times. Love your brothers and sisters. These guidelines are for both services. Our Wednesday services are now open for everyone who wishes to come to church. If you have any cold symptoms please stay home and watch the live stream. Children’s church has resumed with regular classes for each age group. Please contact Stefan or Audrey Brady if you are willing to volunteer.

We are back to 1 Service on Sundays!
Wednesday Nights are open to everyone!

Guidelines When at Church

  1. When you arrive, enter through front double doors only. All other doors will be locked.
  2. Upon entrance your temperature will be taken and you will be asked to sanitize your hands with provided sanitizer. (If for any reason you do not want to use sanitizer provided, you will be asked to go to the restroom and wash your hands thoroughly) Please be courteous to everyone especially if you have a fever and are asked to go home.
  3. You will come in through the double doors of the sanctuary. They will be open to minimize touch points.
  4. The sanctuary row of chairs are set up 6ft apart. When you choose a place to sit, please be courteous and leave 3-4 chairs between you and the next family or couple.
  5. Please keep your children with you at all times. Please go with them to the bathroom. Make sure they are practicing washing their hands when finished.
  6. The Altar is open at all times. Please practice the social distancing guidelines as best as you can but enjoy worship!
  7. Masks are not mandatory. Feel free to wear one, but please be courteous to those who don’t.
  8. We will not be shaking hands, hugging, or touching of any kind. I would ask that you respect this policy at this time. Please don’t say, “Oh well, I’m hugging you anyway!” Once again let’s march this Jericho wall together!
  9. We will do tithe and offering at the end of the service. We will dour church profession, I will pray over the tithe and also over you. Then we dismiss by row. You will move to the outside of the row and come up front and present your tithe and go out the back doors which will be open.
  10. Check your mailbox on the way through. Please do not linger by mailboxes or in the hall. If you want to say “Hi” please take that time out in the parking lot. I would ask that you not linger too long, as to make sure that second service has to park.
  11. Please stay out of the children’s wing at this time. Drinking fountains will be closed. If you want to bring a bottle of water, you are welcome to do so if you feel hydration will be an issue.

Bathroom Usage

When using the bathroom I would ask a couple of things.

  1. Only one person in the bathroom at a time unless it is family.
  2. Parents, please go with your children to ensure proper hygiene practices.
  3. Please wash hands thoroughly when finished and wipe handles that are touched real quick. There will be wipes on the back of the toilet and counter in the bathroom for your convenience. Please wipe down handles and surfaces when finished.
  4. There will be a person in the foyer to assure your privacy and only one person is in the bathroom, that is their only purpose. Thank you.
  5. The bathroom in the North wing will be available for Nursing Mother’s only. No admittance to anyone else out of respect for other mothers that may be using the room.

 If for any reason you do not feel comfortable attending the services, please do not feel condemned in any way. Stay home and enjoy the service online with us. We would love to have you either way. As we “Press Forward Into All That God Has For Us” let us do it with respect and honor. There is great blessing when we follow the Word of God and treat one another with the Love of the Father. Favor will follow FCFC. I guarantee it.

God bless you! 
Pastors Jeff and Francine 

and the FCFC Staff


Faith Christian Family Church
3440 Davison Rd. Lapeer, MI 48446
(810) 667-0075